Religious School Curriculum

Summary Sunday: Each new child will be blessed during the Consecration ceremony at our Simchat Torah celebration.

Grades K and 1

The year concentrates on stories from the Bible, lessons from the Torah, holidays and crafts pertinent to the holiday or lesson being discussed. Hebrew will be taught on an “incidental” level…I.e., Shabbat, Torah, Shalom will introduce letters through words.

Grades 2 and 3

The year concentrates on stories from the Bible, lessons from the Torah and using them as a basis for morals and ethics discussion. Students will study holidays and Shabbat through text, art and music.

Grade 3 will begin Hebrew as this is the time (according to Piaget) that the mind is able to truly comprehend the “concrete and the ideal”)

Grade 4

This is a transitional year, as Piaget notes that “concepts and ideal that are not necessarily concrete can be understood.
The year concentrates on lessons from the Prophets (social action, tikun olam, social justice and the Jews responsibility to the world)  holidays and especially the formal introduction to the land of Israel. It will also begin the underswtanding that “The Bible/The Holy Scripture” for Jews includes the 39 books of the Tanach, standing for Torah, N’vee’eem (Prophets) and Ketuvim (Sacred Writings)

Grade 5

Lessons learned concerning Social Action and Ethics, Midrash and Jews in America plus the continued study of Jewish holidays. As this is the 150th year of the Civil War, Jews and the War will be an important part of this curriculum.This year begins a formal introduction to the concept of Talmud and Midrashic (creative interpretation of text) history

Grades 6 and  7

(This will be a two year cycle, especially in the law piece.  This year the students, again according to Piaget, have the capacity to deal with problem solving and personal choices)

The year focuses on the holy days and Holocaust and Jewish law review and Jews contribution to the law. . This curriculum year implements their growing maturity by “arming” them with how Judaism answers social questions. There will also be a mini-course on Jews in Sports.

Each child will prepare for B’Nnei Mitzvah and is responsible for a B'Nei Mitzvah project. Each child will make his/her own Tallit with the parents’ assistance in the winter time.