Congregation Kol Am Hosts Senator Beck

On March 7, 2016, Congregation Kol Am hosted NJ State Senator Jennifer Beck to speak to members of the Jewish community regarding issues of importance to all of us.   At the top of the list was how we can take steps to insure the security of congregants in our facilities.

Members of the community had been invited to attend, so the conversation was intended for the broader audience in our region. We had an extensive dialogue about grant monies that are available from Homeland Security, to assist in that effort.  While we missed the immediate deadline for this funding, it is an annual grant opportunity, and it is our intention to submit such a grant next year, in collaboration with the Freehold Jewish Center, in whose building we have established our sanctuary.

The other main topic in discussion was the status of funding for our local schools, and Senator Beck describe some of the initiatives which are currently underway to improve distribution of funding in a more equitable manner.

(ABOVE: L-R) Vice Pres. Arlene Golub, Rabbi Ellie Shemtov, Senator Beck, Pres. Susan Canter

(ABOVE: L-R) E.D. Marvin Krakower (FJC), Rabbi Ellie Shemtov, Senator Beck,
Bd. member Carol Dickert reviewing Homeland Security grant materials